Love at First Sight: Dear Grenada

"Then one day when you least expect it, the great adventure finds you." -Ewan Mcgregor

Anyone who knows me knows I'm an island girl and throw me on any beach and I'm a happy camper. My expectations of coming to Grenada was similar to that of other islands I've been to in the Caribbean, however what I received was so much more. The people are the nicest in the world and the food is to die for. It was indeed a true love story. Here are 4 reasons everyone must travel to Grenada and I'm sure you'll leave with the same overwhelming love I did.

The nicest people

1. Being a southern girl living in the city that never sleeps (or speaks) I'm constantly having culture shock when I go back to my roots and people just want to say hello. Not because they want something from you, but because they genuinely want to know how your day was and offer you a smile. As I was walking down the street in Saint George's from my house, a man approached me and my cousin and immediately my NYC defenses came out and I'm thinking to myself "oh Lord what does he want?" However, we ended up having a great conversation; he knew the owner of our temporary home, gave us some tips on how to spend our final days, and where I could find corn (long story but roasted corn is my fav thing and they make it very well). Then he said have a great day, I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in my country. [Shock Alert] from that moment on I put away my NYC defenses and started being the Chatty Cathy that I naturally am with everyone. You can go anywhere in Grenada and everyone speaks whether they know you are not. They are the epitome of polite. Even though I would consider myself an avid traveler it's nice to still be reminded of new cultures and that everyone isn't trying to take advantage of you.


Team #notourists

2. Living in NYC I avoid tourists like people avoid the plague. If you want a vacation where you can live like a native and not have to deal with the very clear monopolization of western society taking over the most beautiful places and stealing their culture, Grenada is the place for you. Every day that I went to the beach there were only a handful of people there. You literally will feel like you're on a private beach no matter where you go. [Fun Fact] There are no private beaches in Grenada, so you are welcome to any beach you choose. I stayed in Saint George's which is the capital of Grenada also the most "touristy" part of the island. And not once did I feel like I was constantly surrounded by non natives. Which for me is amazing, because when I travel I prefer to be amongst the natives. If I wanted to be around people like me, I'd stay in The States.


Get in my belly

3. The best part about vacation is the food hands down, yes the beaches are a close second to those of you who think I'm speaking blasphemy lol. I don't need a fancy restaurant...ever. Give me a hole in the wall where someone's grandma is throwing down, I will take that any day over the fanciest chef. Grenada is full of food. You can walk down the street and get any fruit you want off the side of the road or tree, or food shacks that are serving the best West Indian food I've had. And the best part is you're not paying an arm and a leg. A full meal in Grenada (a meat, a salad, macaroni pie [mac and cheese to us Americans] and rice) will cost $20EC which is $7.40 USD. Let's just say that I ate VERY well while I was there, and going to the gym 4 times a week couldn't save me lol.

Water baby

4. If you know me, water sports are everything for me. I do it all, from snorkeling, jet skis, to parasailing, etc. You name it, I'll probably do it. As previously mentioned the island isn't very touristy so the water sports follow suit. When I went snorkeling, there were 7 of us total including the instructor. The Caribbean Sea I must say is my favorite body of water and floating around it never gets old. I went snorkeling with the best team at Native Spirit Scuba. They all are beyond attentive and answered all my questions. The tour lasted a little over 3 hours and the best part was seeing the underwater sculpture garden.

I cannot wait for my next trip back to Grenada. I try not to repeat countries back to back, however the love I have for this place is too strong for me not to go back asap! This hands down was my best trip yet with the most infectious people.

Tell me if you've been to Grenada or are planning a trip!